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professionals smilingTelelangue is an innovative language training enterprise that teaches new languages to people of all backgrounds.

Since 1981, Telelangue has been teaching various languages to employees of corporations for training and professional usage. Since 2004 however, Telelangue has been offering its services to individuals and also now offers specialty classes and formation matched to the industry of the potential student. Over 218 jobs in 15 industries are indexed and can help you or your business meet the challenges of a globalized world.

Telelangue Products

Telelangue products include:

Phone Classrooms

Telelangue offers language training classes via telephone, either in private for 30 minutes or in groups of 4 for 60 minutes. Classes are available 24/7 and from any country. During the calls, exchange of documents and visuals is done via Virtual Blackboard.

Cyber Teachers

Telelangue also offers an AI-based solution whereas the student, after having received a full linguistic analysis, receives personalized and optimized lessons as to increase the speed of comprehension, memorization, and retention.

Cyber Teachers Live

The live edition of Cyber Teachers is a virtual classroom that brings teachers to self-learning. At any moment, the student can access a teacher thru video conference, participate in classroom discussions or work in team with other students from all over the world. In 2009, Telelangue received the Hermes Prize from the Institute of European Creative Strategies and Innovations.

Blended Learning

It is now possible to combine one or many of the solutions from Telelangue to customize your learning experience in order to achieve your goals in the quickest and most productive way.