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  • Kipé Transversale T2, Sis Kaporo-Cité P.O. Box 3273 Conakry, Guinée
  • Phone Number: +224-625-65-55-45

About Dixinn Gate

Dixinn Gate Group, a pioneer in Human Resources Information Systems, E-Learning, and IT Certification in Sub Saharan Africa for the last 15 years is now offering more solutions than ever for thousands of Africans who wish to better themselves and build a better future.

Whether you need to develop your technological skills to get a job, or need information technology resources for your business, we have the right products and solutions for you. We also team up with different technological companies to provide better services. For queries, you are welcome to talk to us at +224-625-65-55-45.


The mission of Dixinn Gate is to help individuals and business organizations realize the importance of Information Technology in today's world and take advantage of it. We can help our clients develop the necessary IT skills they need for their jobs or business operations through our various programs via our E-Learning system.

About Us


  • "Dixinn Gate not only allowed me to learn computer programming but also helped me to advance in my career."

    - Suleiman from Conakry
  • "Dixinn Gate is one of the most comprehensive and comprehensive academies in Africa and worldwide for technical certification in the IT industry."

    - Nickolas from Toronto, Employer
  • "I loved the program and even more finding a job at the end of my training program."

    - Rose of Conakry
  • "The 20/20 Career Examination gave me an amazing insight into what I wanted to do with my life."

    - Maliki from Dakar
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