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Harvard ManageMentor

professionals using computerHarvard ManageMentor® is the premier on-demand learning and performance support resource for leadership and management skill development.

Its high-quality content—regularly updated topics, videos, tools, and on-the-job activities— engage and motivate learners. Fueled by the latest in thinking and proven practices from Harvard Business Publishing’s world-class experts, this resource delivers actionable learning for today’s busy leaders.

Harvard ManageMentor Products

Harvard ManageMentor drives learning transfer and business impact through an innovative work-based learning approach that focuses on application of skills on the job.

Key features include:

Introductory videos that engage and inspire the learner.

Each topic consists of 4 to 6 concise, action-focused lessons. Each lesson has a cycle of Learn-Practice-Reflect.

Key management concepts oriented around a performance goal. Supports varied learning styles with a mix of content, videos, infographics, and downloadable tools.

Real-world scenarios and self-tests check the learner’s understanding of the concepts in the lesson.

Opportunity for the learner to capture reflections and think about how to improve their performance.

Measures the learner’s understanding of a topic’s key performance goals and the ability to apply new concepts in specific scenarios.

Learners select performance goals and create action plans to work on post topic. The learners are “mentored” during this period (typically 90 days). Emailed content, tips, and reminders keep them motivated and on track.

Develop Others
Resources help managers prepare to lead discussions with teams to cascade learning.

One View Dashboard
Single location that includes key metrics and quick drill-down to highly flexible reports, learner management and tools to help organizations maximize the value of Harvard ManageMentor.